Notes Chapter 9

Precise control bright color smooth gradient

Illustrations can be a fine art image.

Vector illustration or object orientated software is the first born of digital media

First chose of artists and designers whose work requires geometric shapes

Page for design like ads or brochures and has many element of a lay out.

Basic concepts and tools:

  • Every line shape is created by placing end points
  • Then calculate the path connecting the points.
  • Type created in vector programs retains sharpness and clarity
  • Work place of vector drawings and illustration programs resemble digital media software.
  • There are two kinds of paths – opened and closed.
  • Shapes are made through different strokes and fills.
  • A fill is applied to open areas and might be a color or pattern
  • A strain means to force
  • All of the digital media especially vector is dependent on the process of selection and modification.

Different tools:

  • The lasso tool
  • Direct selection tool
  • Knife tool
  • Arrow
  • Pen tool
  • Key stroke
  • Brush tools

Illustration software is ideal for handling type.

Kerning is the space between two letters, leading is the spacing between lines of text and tracking is the spacing between groups of letters.

Color can be applied to vectors that object stroke and fill after the object is selected. New colrs can be made from, CMYK, RGB, HLS.

Vector curves are called Bezier curves

Smooth point are there for drawing continuous curves and corner points where the direction of a curve changes.

In addition to colors vector objects including type can be fill with pattern and gradients Any of the standard patterns can be modified.

Gradient meshes are a unique feature which bt smoothly combing multi colored gradients it allows you to create a 3d form ( look).

The more colors you add the more mess line will crisscross the form.

Layers can be hidden locked added deleted and merged.

Compound path a new more complex shape made of two or more overlapping shapes.

Merge combines over lapping shapes that share the same fill color.

Crop removes any parts below the top shape.

Punch or minus front cuts away the top most shape from the group.

The command divide increases the number of sections by splitting the shapes into smaller ones where ever they over lap.

Make a gear by using minus front

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