InDesign Notes

Digital Layout and Design

  • Reproduction of early boos required a scribe to copy the entire text by hand.
  • Linotype machines replaced handset type and soon became the standard for typesetting
  • InDesign has all the same features of Quark
  • Support Programs: More than an addendum
    • Image-editing programs
    • Word processing programs
    • Vector-based illusions programs
    • Basic tools
      • The pointer/select tool
      • Text and text block tools
      • Rotation tool
      • Zoon tool
      • Picture box tools
      • Other common tools
        • Grabber hand
        • Shape tools
        • Line tool
        • Linking and unlinking tools
        • Master pages- are templates created for element you want to appear on every page, from the number of columns to the way in which the pages will be numbered.
        • Images on your desktop are the main images used in InDesign
        • Color and Publishing
          • Colors can be displayed on a RGB monitor
          • Spot color
            • Special premixed solid colors used in addition to the process colors or independently to emphasize or create a point of interest.
  • Hi-fi color
    • Uses additional colors to supplement the process colors.
    • Commercial Printing and PostScript
      • Color separations are where colors you see on your screen are separated into separate components; cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and/or spot colors
      • To compensate for potential misregistration of solid side-by-side objects and colors, most desktops publishing programs include trapping controls
      • Postscript basics is device independent
      • EPS are actually self- contained programs that contain a sequence of PostScript language commands
      • PDF portable document formats, when saving an entire file, your design in whole, including typography, fonts, layout information, graphics, and photographs are created as a single file that can be viewed and proofed on Adobes, Acrobat Reader Program


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